What We Know: Joan Lawson and Sweeney Todd

"I’m hoping to use social media to evaluate the justifiability of ‘five axis’ DSM diagnosis and perhaps develop new avenues of treatment based on group evaluations."

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What We Know: Joan Lawson and Sweeney Todd

Postby JackAlsworth on Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:01 pm

This is a sticky, locked post meant as a quick reference for everything we know about the psychiatrist Joan Lawson (aka MindsAndMatters) and her mysterious patient. Mr. A has said that the psychiatrist herself is not the person of interest here, but an aggregate of information on her is possibly useful.

Please PM Adell or me if you feel something is missing from this list.

The Blog:

  • Was first discovered via the link fragments sent by Mr. A through the mail.
  • The first post was September 25, 2012

Joan Lawson:

  • She resides in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been working as a psychiatrist for at least a decade.
  • She is particularly interested in using social media to assist in the therapy process (hence our involvement).
  • She has recently acquired two cats, which she likes to talk about on Twitter.
  • She lost her notebook in a restaurant named La Summa, which is located on Fleet Street, Boston
  • She believes her patient can be cured "through traditional psychological means", and that he poses no danger to himself or others.
  • Her name was discovered to be Joan Lawson, after we retrieved her phone number from the notebook.
  • The number is (617) 963-1519.
  • Unfortunately, others actually got the notebook before we could, and have been sending her disturbing messages.

The Patient:

  • A male in his thirties, with an unkempt appearance. Has no prior address or family members.
  • The psychiatrist calls him "BB", although we don't know his full name.
  • Is all but confirmed to be Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, going under the name of "Benjamin Barker" (his name before his exile).
  • His accent "seemed foreign", but he refused to elaborate when questioned. He doesn't like talking about his past at all.
  • He did mention that he was wronged by someone important "a very long time ago".
  • He has taken an interest in a protest group, believing that "no one sees" the abuse of the poor by the rich and hoping to get other people to take action - "People will never live the lives they are meant to unless they wake up to the world as it really is."
  • He claims he was born in London, and that all his family and friends were dead "a long time ago". His memory of getting to the U.S. is "muddled".
  • He is fairly indifferent about his parents, which makes the psychiatrist believe that child abuse is less likely.
  • He gets agitated when the subject of women is brought up.
  • Under hypnosis, he reveals that his wife's name is "Lucy", he was framed for a crime and forced to leave his home, and that someone raped his wife while he was gone.
  • He ran off on October 27; as he is no longer staying at the halfway house, his whereabouts are currently unknown.

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