What We Know: Sherlock Holmes

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What We Know: Sherlock Holmes

Postby Adell on Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:24 pm

Sherlock Holmes (Hugh Hefner):

(Please PM me or JackAlsworth, if I missed anything you think should be added. This is meant to be a quick reference sheet for people who are losing track of things.)

  • Was discovered when Joe found an interesting letter among the pile that had been sent to him.
  • Upon deciphering the letter, it led players to This Blog. The letter, however, cryptically told players not to trust Hefner.
  • Much like Poirot's blog, this one was originally used by James Raikes, but a chance meeting brought Hefner to Raikes. When James discovered Hefner had no place to stay, he offered him a place to stay in his apartment.
  • Hefner is NOT his real name, just the nickname James gave him that just kind of stuck. However, We and Joe believe that Hefner is in fact, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Hefner has incredible detective skills, capable of learning where James had lived just by examining the contents of his wallet.
  • After James got his own job, he allowed Hefner to take over the blog and use it for however he wanted. Much like Poirot, he decided to Start his own investigation service.
  • Looking for supplies, he was directed to meet Leslie Okwogwu by a commenter 'jmartysknight2e4'. The place Leslie was turned out to be an Opium Den.
  • His first few jobs were rather mundane and easily solved by his incredible skills of observation.
  • He was soon approached, however, by a man who wished not to be named. The man wanted him to investigate the death of Pieter Verhaeren.
  • His investigations lead him to believe that Poirot was the murderer. Meanwhile after his annoyed meeting with Leslie Okogwu, the man was found dead unbeknownst to him.
  • Is currently on the run from the police, who now suspect him of Leslie's murder.
  • He has officially admitted to being Sherlock Holmes. He intends to find Poirot and figure out who he is.
  • As of October 6, he has found a new case. Maureen O'Shea, an investment banker, was accused of misusing company funds, but she insists she was framed, and the report implicating her guilt had been tampered with.
  • Attempted to meet with Poirot, however the meeting went poorly due to Poirot's rudeness.
  • Decided to leave for New York, and has since arrived.
  • His benefactor made a new website for investigations, the blog will still be used though.

  • Players believe that jmartysknight2E4, was in fact, Moriarty, who intentionally led him to Leslie in order to place motive on Hefner for the the mans eventually murder, which leads to our next theory...
  • Arthur Moore may in fact be Moriarty. While Moore was only mentioned in Poirot's blog, a man who wanted to remain unknown gave Hefner the case, much like how Moore did not want to be mentioned in Poirot's blog (though he accidentally said his name anyway, or made one up)
  • It is also believed that the letter was sent by Moore as some sort of gambit to get us to either not trust Hefner, and try and help Poirot catch him, or to make us reveal to both of them the murders they were unaware of. (for what reason, we're not sure)

History of Holmes:
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