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[Refictionalized 12 Dec 2012]

Re: Deanna Who

Postby Victin on Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:57 am

Dryunya wrote:Ok. We've had a HUGE update about her. Check the twitter or the timeline for details.
  1. She actually DOES seem to be batshit insane.
  2. At 18, she lost her Imaginary Friends (who actually told things to her that she couldn't know - like that Brad was dating her sister).
  3. After being released from the mental hospital, she moved to Seattle and took a new name.
  4. Her sister (Brad's girlfriend) happened to die several months after, but she had an alibi - a photoshoot with Mann.
  5. Brad later tried to find her, but she found him instead, and (at gunpoint) demanded to help her with her plan. So he planted the phone (that was rigged to point at Tripky's inn) and taught Quixote how to use it.
  6. She promised to kill Brad on 12th (his birthday). Even though she promised not to.
So, we have less than a week to find her. Quixote told us to review Tara's video. Wacky has already pointed to the calendar (which Quixote said wasn't there when they searched the apartment).

P.S. We had a WMG in chat that she could be manipulated by a particularly strong fictite through the wall.

Maybe it's someone in this world. Like for example Cheshire's owner.
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Re: Deanna Who

Postby Dryunya on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:11 pm

I'm back, I look into twitter, and what do I find?
Her latest message session has crossed out everything she said before. Now she says she knows she's simply crazy, and she found out about Brad's date through "some other means". AND she confirmed that she's messing with us. :x
I'll check the calendar, and then I'll come back to her tweets. Hopefully, we CAN still make sense of them. Maybe I'll compile the contradicting facts in the OP, or something.
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