What We Know: Don Quixote

"Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind."

[Refictionalized 12 Dec 2012]

What We Know: Don Quixote

Postby Adell on Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:25 pm

Don Quitoxe

Like the cat, this thread will be used to have quick access to facts and information about Don Quixote.

(Please PM me or JackAlsworth, if I missed anything you think should be added. This is meant to be a quick reference sheet for people who are losing track of things.)

  • Was found by Mr.A, who for once actually just told us.
  • He has a twitter
  • He was the armored man from the first WTF: watch the footage episode
  • He is currently missing his armor and wants us to spread the word to find it
  • He tweets...A LOT.(Meaning he's quite open to conversation)
  • Seems to have a smartphone of some kind, and had retrieved it as early as September 28th and figured out some of its functions thanks to a random man named Braddock Foreman. How he got the phone or found twitter is unknown, but he uses it as a journal of sorts.
  • Was quite interested in getting a banner pic and icon for his twitter account.
  • Was incapable of reading his own books. (They appeared blank to him)
  • His naivety to Reality has nearly gotten him into trouble several times. As a result, Mr.A has suggested we make warning labels for him about reality.
  • Has recently tried to help Tara Wilson and learn more about the people he retrieved the phone from.
  • He's not a bird.

  • Nothing at the moment. Players are thinking of ways to find his armor in this thread

History of Don Quixote:
If you ever need to ask the questions "Am I needed? Should I help them?" The answer is always yes. Always.
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