The witch's advertisement

"A leader must rule through fear and flying monkeys!"

[Refictionalized 20 Dec 2012]

Re: The witch's advertisement

Postby Dryunya on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:18 am

I'd say it's entirely possible, but it Tastes Like Diabetes. :|
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Re: The witch's advertisement

Postby Scarab on Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:15 pm

Dryunya wrote:I'd say it's entirely possible, but it Tastes Like Diabetes. :|

Well yeah there's that fact, too. Still so far the trend I'm seeing is that these characters get completely deconstructed the very second they make thejump between fiction and reality and... well, reality sets in, basically. I'm watching with interest how things are turning out with Romeo and Juliet (their story honestly always came across as more of a warning about the dangers of spreading your hate to your children and impulsive relationships than the love story it's sometimes touted as - if the poor kids had actually felt safe persuing their relationship it might have succeeded OR failed based on their personalities but at least the poor kids wouldn't have ended up dead. Maybe in this world they'll get that chance?)

Anyway my point is, if we're GOING to see all this deconstruction in action it would be nice to see these fictional villains having the oppertunity to gain some dimension. Let's face it, the Wicked Witch's usual evil in NO WAY stands up to modern inspection, it's just... one dimensional and unlikely to get her jobs in anything except for childrens tv shows (and they'd probably turn her away by virtue of being too scary).
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