What We Know: The Wicked Witch

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[Refictionalized 20 Dec 2012]

What We Know: The Wicked Witch

Postby Adell on Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:11 pm

The Wicked Witch

Like the cat, this thread will be used to have quick access to facts and information about The Wicked Witch of the West.

(Please PM me or JackAlsworth, if I missed anything you think should be added. This is meant to be a quick reference sheet for people who are losing track of things.)

  • Was first discovered by an email one of Joe's followers sent him
  • Was eventually discovered again from an advertisement hidden on the backside of another newspaper article
  • The ad was asking for a campaign manager, and gave an email; TheEmeraldParty@gmail.com
  • After emailing her to join her campaign, users were eventually led to her blog
  • She was pulled out of Oz by a tornado, like a reverse of Dorothy.
  • Wanting to take over our world like Oz, she intends to do so in a political campaign, which is why she was advertising for campaign managers.
  • She has considered several of the Metaguards for her position; these include Adell, Sicon, NeverSlender, Scarab, and a few others.
  • Some applicants have been asked to preform certain tasks to prove their skills or their "celebrity".
  • She has grown quite frustrated with metaguards attempting to slander each other for the position. Adell is not surprised (it's not good when I'm agreeing with the EVIL WITCH GUYS).
  • Eventually chose her campaign manager, Sarah T, as well as two assistants for her, Andrew and Greg S.
  • She took a train to New York in order to fundraise for her campaign. The trip did not end well.
  • An echo was created at Duffy Square because of her visit. The echo has yet to be found (discussion here.
  • She is not enjoying our world at all, and is now actively searching for a way back.

  • I believe personally that she can only see the world in sepia tone, like a reverse of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
  • I also believe her magic might not work in our realm, or at the very least her curses (since they obviously didn't effect us when she tried them)

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