What We Know: Long John Silver and Gulliver

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What We Know: Long John Silver and Gulliver

Postby Adell on Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:50 am

Long John Silver

  • Was discovered through a message in a bottle. It's location was discerned by one of Chesire's riddles.
  • Has a Twitter account, ye scurvy dogs!
  • Has apparently created a website
  • Has been to Japan in his travels
  • Is traveling with Gulliver (From Gulliver's Travels), who apparently snores in his sleep.
  • Original Ship sank at some point, forcing him and Gulliver to ROW to Japan. Their note was found in a VIRGINIA BEACH (HOLY CRAP!)
  • He has sarcastically excused our little to no help.

  • His blog was discovered by Pixelmage.
  • His posts are all scanned pages in cursive font. Not exactly easy on the eyes.
  • On a voyage to the New World to serve as a surgeon, he was woken by "a very loud crashing sound," and then "instantly felt sharp pain in my head and blacked out."
  • He then found himself on an unfamiliar beach, which he believed to be at "roughly thirty-three degrees south and one-hundred degrees East."
  • After wandering for a bit, he meets Long John Silver, whom he of course doesn't recognize.
  • They find themselves in Australia. John gets them work at a pirate-themed restaurant owned by a man named Michael.
  • Michael spends some time explaining modern technology to John and Gulliver. While Gulliver isn't very adept with "mobile fones" or the "teevee", he does rather like the idea of an online journal.
  • John convinces Gulliver to stow away with him on a cargo ship bound for Japan (Gulliver doesn't want to go initially, fearing the Japanese emperor will recognize him from an earlier travel). However, a storm knocks the box they were in off the ship.
  • They manage to paddle to shore, and are miraculously in Japan.
  • They manage to make their way to Tokyo. Gulliver is surprised at how much the country has changed in so short a time.

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