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What we Know: The Cabal

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:32 am
by Adell
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The Cabal


  • There are currently 4 known members of the Cabal.
  • It seems their ultimate goal is to remain free within reality.
  • They have made many threats against Joe, Joan, and now the Metaguards themselves, claiming to destroy us if we attempt to send them back.
  • However, they have also offered an olive branch, if we want to work with them to remain in reality.
  • The Cheshire Cat confirmed their identities with his pheeble session by putting the names in the first letters of his posts.

Angelus/The Phantom of the Opera
  • Creator of the site that brought the group together.
  • Knows quite a bit about theatrical performance.

Oberon/Morgana LeFay
  • The first fictional character to send a threatening letter to Joe.
  • His alias related to a character from a Mid Summer's Night Dream.
  • Is the only woman among the Cabal so far.

Pyramus/Don Juan
  • The first one to find Angelus's site, he was interesting in forming an alliance to get Joe to stop his videos.
  • His alias refers to a story that Romeo and Juliet is based off of.
  • Is extremely flirty with Oberon, who rebuffs him every time.

  • The second to fall upon Angelus's site.
  • His alias refers to a chess player

  • Pyramus may be Romeo, as hard as that would be to believe, due to the alias and it's relation to Romeo's character from the story, and the fact that Romeo has drifted away from wanting to return to the fictional world.
  • Steintiz/Moriarty may have set up Holmes with Okogwu (thus setting him up for the murder). It's possible Steintiz could be the actual murderer as well.

The term Cabal and it's meaning