Wall Pieces Debate

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Wall Pieces Debate

Postby agoraoptera on Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:40 am

It has been suggested in the chatroom that there be a debate regarding the Wall Pieces, on whether to collect them or not, what to do with them, how many to collect if yes, etc.
Here is an idea. We can use post-order, like the RPGs. If you wish to weigh in with your opinion about the matter in general, PM me and also add in whether you are For or Against collecting the Wall Pieces. Then the post-order will be in For, Against, For, Against, etc. Every few posts, a summary will be added in. A specific point will be debated for X number of posts.
Before anyone sends any PM or whatsoever, post if you like the idea or not. If the idea is unpopular, we'll just scrap it. Any ideas better than post-order without it getting too chaotic (because this debate is open to everyone), do tell.
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