Death of an Elder God. The Vs. Cthulhu fic.

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Death of an Elder God. The Vs. Cthulhu fic.

Postby Lordxana0 on Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:37 pm

My name is Gurt. I am a humanoid Lime man and one of the badest limes in the world. But even that didn’t prepare me for what my soldiers and I were about to face. A beast so powerful that looking at it could drive a normal person insane. Of course no one could ever call our group normal. I looked toward Angel, Gnarbydh, Psi, and Regulator. Each of them had tirelessly defended the wall earning more than enough respect in my eyes. “Okay guys the day has come, the king of monsters have broken out and is making a run toward the wall, if we don’t stop it he is going to turn the other side into limeaid, we are going to make our last stand at the biggest gash in the wall, the only one that would fit that beast in it” he looked toward them.

Angel had a determined fire in her eyes as she hefted the massive bad of anti-fictional weaponry on her back. At first she had tried to argue that she could talk this beast down, but after seeing him in action had decided the only smart way to run things was destruction.

Gnarbydh of course had never questioned an order since Gurt had first met him and gained the respect of the forever living golem. He had opted to have most of his body covered in anti-fictional class Godlike explosives. If everything went down he would detonate himself. It the explosives didn’t destroy the creature entirely then using the last remaining bit of his power he would drop an anti-reality class complete genocide bomb on the other side, destroying all life so that Cthullhu would have nothing to destroy.

Psi, man there was a tough coconut to crack. He had heard about the beast and had simply nodded and said ‘I will help write this, but I have seen that this isn’t my story this time’ he had grabbed a special kind of ink that would allow him to create things that would be able to pierce through the god like beasts armor.

Then there was Regulator, who had known about this before any of us but hadn’t said anything because ‘if I had you would have known before you were supposed to know, and that wouldn’t have been good’. He would be plugging himself into our battleship.

Because our battleship ran on a void engine it would boost his power to a level where he could block the beasts mental attack and give us the ability to fight him as a creature and not a mindless terror. If we reach the point where the bombs detonation doesn’t end all life then he will use his reset button at full power to restart the universe, trapping humanity in an endless limbo.
I will be control the ships main attack batteries, seeing as my aim is perfect and I am the only one who fully understands how our ship works.

“I won’t lie, the odds of us coming back and slim, but we were created to fight and that is just what we are going to do, for the Wall!” The group nodded and we turned to enter the void’s docking bay. Thousands of versions of the Administrator had come to wave them goodbye. Mr. Administrator couldn’t directly join the battle because leaving the Void would leave him open to attack, and if he died then Cthullhu was the least of their worries. The ship that awaited them defied belief; it had been built using every one of the best parts from the best science fiction shows around. Its main body looked to be a massive sword which was moved using the massive ant gravitational thrusters on its back. A small hatch opened and the five of them entered and set course for the breach.

They arrived in seconds and placed the ship in front of the massive crack. The crack had appeared in a world that had once been hope to a series about giants. Sadly every copy of the story had been destroyed, and without people reading about them the giants had disappeared leaving only the world behind. The crack ran along a massive skyscraper that stood thousands of miles tall.

“Mental shields going up!” The Regulator called out as he put on his mental enhancement helmet. Each of them felt a sharp tug in their minds; but that passed away after a few seconds. They were now protected from the brunt of Cthullhu’s mind destroying powers, but that meant Regulator would be stuck in the ship for the fight.
Gnarbydh and Angel stood on the tip of the ships blade waiting for the creature to come to them. Gnarbydh held two massive buster swords that glowed red with anti-imaginary energy. The group had attached an antigravitational matrix onto him so that he could reach the target no matter what it tried to pull. Angel on the other hand didn’t seem to be holding any weapons, but with my permission she used some special nanobots to fuse the weapons into her body so she could call on them at any time.
Psi had opted to join the front lines but his powers of creation made him a much for valuable fighter when he was at range. He would be our opening attack, followed by me firing the main, side, and backup cannons all at once. After that our two frontline fighters would have to hold Cthullhu off until the ship could cool down.

He’s coming, get ready for contact people! Regulator called out telepathically. Everyone got ready for contact when the beast finally descended.

The only word to describe Cthullhu was lost to people thousands of years ago. He stood thousands of feet off the ground, his power enhanced by his rampaging across the fictional worlds. On his back sat two massive wings that seemed to stretch on forever. His body was covered in a thick layer of acidic mucus that covered him like a shield. Each hand ended in claws that seemed to be made out of some sort of black metal. His head was the worst of it through. A giant misshapen thing whose front seemed to be covered by thousands of hundred mile long tentacles. Its eyes were cold and merciless; the eyes of something that understood what it was doing, but made no effort to stop itself.

Psi lifted his pen and began to write out the same sentence in every language available to him thousands and thousands of times. ‘And then the mucus that covered Cthullhu’s body suddenly was set afire by flames that burned as bright as any star in the sky’
As it was written so it did happen. The beast let loose a roar of pain that didn’t just hurt the ears, it hurt the soul itself. They had done something that no one else in the world had been able to. They had wounded mighty Cthullhu. But as suddenly as the flames had appeared they disappeared. The mucus that protected the great beast had gone but in its place a still powerful and now very angry Elder God stood looking as powerful as ever. The flames had removed his first line of armor, but it did little else.

That was where I came in. I began to punch in the codes to activate the ships weapons. The ship’s main body opened up down the middle revealing a massive cannon that connected to the back of the ship. At the same time tens of thousands of small cannons were pushed out of the sides of the ship. Hundreds of missiles also stood waiting to be fired. “Main Antifictional Super Cannon ‘Mary Sue ready to fire, Secondary Antifictional Laser Cannons ‘Deus Ex Machina ready to fire, Antifictional Explosive rockets ‘Coffee Shop Specials’ ready to fire” I took careful consideration of my aim and hit the big red button. “Fire!” All at once the ship fired its weaponry. The missiles hit Cthullhu and blew up in massive fireballs of death and destruction. The lasers rammed into and pierced his body with surgical precision, followed by explosions that occurred on any skin the touched. And finally the main cannon hit him and the world went white for a second. All sound, imagery, and every other sense were drowned out by the massive power of the ships main cannon. The ship went back to its sword like form to recharge all of its weapons. I allowed myself a moment of hope to believe that it had been enough. That the full might of this multiuniversal battleship would have been enough to destroy him.

Of course hope is cheap, and when the dust cleared the beast still stood there. Don’t get me wrong it took damage. There was a hole in its stomach about the size of a mountain and it was missed its left arm. But that didn’t mean anything. Its body began to regenerate the second it was no longer being damaged. And worse yet we found out what happened to all those disappearing fictional. It opened its mouth and we all turned our eyes. Its initial form wouldn’t drive us insane but there are some things in life you just don’t need to see. When it closed it once more we saw it had let loose a cloud of miniature versions of it. And by miniature I mean still as big as a house.

The team sprung into action. Psi began to write out that an army of shadow like creatures had come to our aid and when he finished the last of a thousand word repetition they appeared in the millions. Each of them carried some sort of sword like weapon. They were basic, they would die in one hit, but we had an army to back up Angel and Gnarbydh. Angel spread her arms and a pair of metallic wings came out of her back. She began to ascend into the sky and using the nanobots creating a giant laser cannon. She took careful aim and fired using her own power cells to keep it going. Whenever it touched one of the false Cthullhu’s they disappeared into nothingness. Around the same time Gnarbydh went into action. He led the shadow army into the section that Angel wasn’t holding at bay. With a grace that seemed impossible after seeing his size he carved through the creatures with well placed slashes. The shadow army did its part. They jumped on the creatures and stabbed them hundreds of times. They died in droves but with their sheer numbers it wasn’t a problem to lose a couple thousand of them. Angel tossed the cannon aside after one of the creatures spat a ball of acid at it, melting it to scrap metal. She held out a hand and an energy sword appeared in it. “Ha, not some big and bad anymore are you squi…., Gnarbydh get out of the way!” She flashsteped out of the way and back onto the ship as the true Cthullhu brought his hand down smashing all his lesser versions to the ground. Angel surveyed the smashed ground for Gnarbydh but he was nowhere to be seen. The horror of the moment overcame her. “No…NO!” she appeared in front of the creatures face and with a rage that would frighten the god’s themselves began to hack and slash at the tentacles that covered the beasts face. She was unaffected by the beasts breath and any time a tentacle grabbed her she simply used the nanobots to summon another blade. She could have gone on forever but her batteries were running dry. She only had about seventeen percent power left, but to hell if she wasn’t going to use it. She spread her arms wide and her stomach opened revealing her power source. It glowed a pure radiant white, and its color only seemed to heighten. “This is for all the people you have killed, and for all of the people you plan to kill, but most of all, this is for my friend” she let loose a massive blast of energy, draining her core completely. The resulting blast destroyed a third of the beasts face, leaving it with only one eye. Angel’s entire body went stiff and fell to the ground like a doll.

I am ashamed to admit it but I turned my head before her metallic body hit the ground. The beast lifted its foot and brought it down on her, maybe in revenge, but honestly I think it was just taking a step forward. The wound in its stomach was almost completely healed and its tentacles and head were also coming back. Most worrying through was the fact that its hands seemed to be full of a pure black fire. I began to take power away from the weapon charge to put to the shield when I noticed something odd. Around the beast thousands of portals began to open. No not thousands, millions… no billions. And out of every one of them stepped a younger or older form of Regulator, they each had one thing in common; they were covered in anti-fictional bombs. My mouth opened at this sight. It seemed impossible, but with all the things I had seen in my short life I knew nothing was really impossible.

“Pretty sweet huh?” The present Regulator said from behind me. “I call it the Singularity Bomber, they are all going to charge into that monsters mouth and blow themselves up, with that many versions of me dying at once they will create a Paradox Charge, I will use the energy of the Paradox to give the rest of you guys a boost, but after that I will be forced to disappear, one can’t just bend the fabric of space time without facing the consequences.” He smiled and patted me on the head with a gentle smile. “Goodbye friends”

“Regulator!” I called out. But he had already disappeared. All of the versions of him charged the great beast and ran full speed into his mouth. A unified laugh rang out over the battlefield as all at once the beast’s stomach expanded in a massive way. Its body began to shake and rumble and it was forced to a knee, belching out anti-fictional energy.

I felt a massive spike of power the likes of which I never felt before. I looked over to Psi to see he was out cold. The creating the shadow army had been the true limit of his power. Now he was left without the ability to act. The great beast lifted one of his hands, still clutching the unholy fire and was about to let it loose when the oddest thing happened. His entire arm seemed to slide off. I strained my eyes and found that the one who had caused this wonderful event was none other than Gnarbydh, who was not only still alive, but seemed to have more power than ever, his blades shone with the pure energy that Regulator had given them.

He sent me a look and I knew what he was planning, without saying a word we knew what we had to do to win. Before I did anything through I used the teleportation fluxer on the ship to send Psi and Angel back to the Void. Mr. Administrator would see that they were healed. Gnarbydh nodded to me and although it would be impossible to tell I think he might have smiled. He rammed both of his blades into the skull of the beast and held on even with the massive tentacles basing his body. I made all of the preparation for it and sent the ship into full ramming speed. Before the Elder God knew what hit him the blade like front of the ship slammed itself into his body. I sent my power through the ship and into the core to cause a massive meltdown. Doing so would destroy this entire fictional world and would probably send the crack into a different fictional world. But that didn’t matter; all that mattered now was the destruction of this beast. “Limes for the memories you ugly son of a…”

Two things happened then. The first of these being two massive explosions. One caused by the ships void engine blowing up and the other caused by Gnarbydh final explosion. Even a beast as powerful as Cthullhu couldn’t survive a blast like this at such a close range. His very concept was thrown back into his own world and chained there by the mass amounts of anti-fictional energy. The second was something I experienced. A strange sense of peace, you see fictional characters never really die, we just return to the source of fiction, human imagination, and so long as even one person remembers me I will never really go away, even if my body can no be there. Thank you for bringing me into this world, and I hope that we can see each other again, in a place where there is no giant monsters or cracks in the wall, you bring the snacks and I will make the limeaid.

After Action Report

Dread Cthullhu has been sent back to his own world, he will be chained there for the duration of the walls brokenness. Angel and Psi are making a full recovery and have been given all the things they would desire for time off. Regulator, Gurt, and Gnarbydh will forever live on in our hearts and imaginations. Never forget their sacrifice, We know we won’t.
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