The Fate of the Cabal

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Re: The Fate of the Cabal

Postby H22 on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:34 am

Scarab wrote:
BlackWolfe wrote:
Adell wrote:Why am I not surprised people read these chats and feel even more justified for being dicks to the cabal than before. At this point I don't feel it'll do me any good to continue to rant my opinion on matters; all I have to say is that if Morgan and the others did manage to survive somehow (and I do hope they did), I'm glad they did and they have definitely earned the right to live in our world. With that, I think we've pretty much got the complete picture of what happened during all of this, nice work everyone.

Wow, Adell. I don't know about the others, but all I said was that they hadn't changed much at that time. Personally, I hope they lived, too. Also, that there is a sequel, and they show up in it as well.

Assuming they do show up, and as you I hope for it, it will be further proof that fictionals CAN exist in this reality without destabailising it, at least to an extent, which means whatever the sequel plans are... well, maybe the choices we have to make won't be quite so difficult as they were this time. I don't know. I hope so. It was tough, feeling like we were being handed these rgeat big moral choices and consequences (choices which, realistically, should've been made by ANYBODY but a bunch of guys on an internet forum, like by soembody with legal degrees or something for example) upon which the world's fate rested.

I think it was really hard to figure out the right thing to do in this situation, and everyone is going to have different opinions on it, from now until the end of days. The fact of the matter is they helped save the world, and they definitely saved Adell. That's what mattered in the end.

In the real world, choices which might literally destroy the world are made by bloody politicians. How can we be any worse? ;)
Qara-Xuan Zenith wrote:Pshhhhhhhhhh Scarab. If we get confirmation that they can exist here without destabilizing it, and then there's a sequel, I guarantee you that won't make the moral choices easier; they'll just get more complex, and challenging about a different point. Have you forgotten whom we're dealing with here? ;)

Also, as to feeling justified about disliking the Cabal, well... at this point, all I can really say is "with elephants". I do feel that the way they present themselves in these chats does little to make me feel I was wrong to distrust them as I did, with the possible exception of Erik. However, that's not relevant anymore; Morgan, Erik, and Juan proved themselves by helping Adell when it matters, so death (which Equals Redemption) or not, I'm willing to waive my earlier hard feelings. (the things I do for my friends' lives!)

I have to confess I think the autopsy and these chats have vindicated my hardline pro-Cabal view, but, again, with elephants.
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