New Cabal Chats

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New Cabal Chats

Postby H22 on Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:04 am


....Has been locked. Would someone transcribe the six new ones?
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Re: New Cabal Chats

Postby Tohrinha on Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:18 pm

I'll take care of this again. :) They'll be up momentarily.
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Re: New Cabal Chats

Postby BlackWolfe on Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:20 pm

Session IBURONEB wrote:S:Angelus, I demand to know the meaning of this.
S: Angelus, I know you're online.
S:By the power of Christ. Tell me you're not playing Minecraft again.
S:That game will eat away your productivity.
P:Good tidings!
S:Bugger off.
S:Angelus, you have much to answer for.
A:I refuse to answer your questions until the results of my actions make my reasoning self-evident.
S: Do you mean to say you have taken mutinous actions, sirrah?
A:On the contrary. I believe I may have helped save us.
A:Even if my letter should fail, and they do not open a dialogue, their resolve may be weakened by it. We win either way.
A:Your move, chessmaster.
S:You'll pay for this insubordination.
A: I think not.
S:And yet your thoughts are not why we prize our association with you.
O: It appears I have missed much.
S:You could say so.
O:You tread on thin ice, Angelus.
P:Is there a shadow under it? :P
S:Get the fuck out
P:Peón stupid!
SYSTEM:Pyramus has left the chat.
A:I ask only that you withhold your judgment until we see the nature of their response.
O:Perhaps we shall. But if it is not favorable to us, we may no choice but to punish you.
A: I don't remember appointing you and Steinitz as our leaders.
S:Then your memory is in question as well as your loyalty.

Session YELBIRZB wrote:A:I received a response to my query to Joe.
A: I admit, even I had come to expect we would not hear from him.
A:My letter had gone unanswered for a substantial amount of time.
S:The delay is hardly a surprise. The answer is of more interest.
S:What were the contents of the response?
S:I am curious to see how badly you fouled up the matter.
A: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=605
A: They are interested in a dialogue.
A: Willing to compromise. Willing to take our input on the stories that send us back.
A:This could be the beginnings of an olive branch. It's not everything we need or want, but it shows they are not the partisans we mistook them for.
O:Or it shows they are more skilled manipulators of you, than you are of them.
A:I'm sorry.
A:I laughed out loud at that.
S: It is not wise to laugh at Oberon.
A:Not wise? She just interpreted a white flag of truce as a hangman's noose! Tell me more about wisdom.
O:You say they would let us help write our own stories. They say this would help us fulfill our desires. Would they help me kill my brother? This is what I desire.
S:Would they help me kill that bumbling Londoner? They have taken a shine to him. Any story which sends me back to that world is likely to leave me at his mercy.
S:I do not trust their treachery.
A: I am not saying that this is our solution. I'm saying that it is a step in the right direction.
S:What would the next step even be? They can compromise no further. They will not agree to let any of us stay here. They believe some very carefully-wrought lies about the "costs" of doing so.
O:Agreed. This offer is not the beginning of negotiations. This offer is a consolation prize.
P:Angelus, you know I respect you
P:And you know I count you as a friend.
A:Thank you, Pyramus
P:Also, your play was excellent, and I was glad to be invited
A:Yes, and it was a delight to meet Melissa.
P:She also spoke highly of your work.
P:But this is madness.
P:They cannot refictionalize me without separating me from the girl of my dreams. They cannot push her into fiction.
P:They must know that. And yet they tell you these starry-eyed lies, about how we will all be happy, and you believe them
P:Because all you want is to be respected and adored
P:Their show of respect has placed you under their spell.
P:And it is true, maybe, for you, that you could be as successful in your goals in fiction as in reality.
P:But I must stay.
A: Maybe with their help, you could pass messages back and forth to your fiancée somehow
S:Did you in seriousness just advocate their cause?
A:Fool, I play devil's advocate.
S:You advocate too enthusiastically.
A:Do you really think my first choice is putting my life in the hands of these people?
P:Earlier, I didn't think your letter crossed any lines, Angelus. I believed your intent was solely to sow discord amongst their ranks.
P:But the things you say now disturb me.
A:I apologize, Pyramus. I am trying to advance our cause.
P: I accept your apology.
A:I want to stay. That has not changed.
S:And yet you feel obligated to say so.
A:I did not intend to upset you, my dear friends, with my actions.
A:I simply did what I thought was best for all of us.
A:I am happy here.

Session QXEDEDBR wrote:P:This woman Hackins is a monster.
O: Agreed.
S:She is a bigot at best. A zealot on a crusade. A threat to us all.
P:They are willing to murder to get what they wish? This grows dark indeed
S:Peculiar, is it not, that these realfolk decry our presence
S:As it will cause casualties in some mystical manner or other
S:And yet, from their own ranks, a deranged murderer appears
S:Bereft of the excuse of having an author
S:Killing and maiming as an exercise of misspent free will.
O: If she is allowed to stay, then we should be as well.
A:I'm uncertain that you are properly attributing the blame here.
A:Joe's people seem as abhorred as you
A:They are taking actions against her.
A:I move that we realize they are the lesser of two evils.
A:They may even have good intentions.
S:They are manipulating you.
S:They talk of compromise, and then invent an opponent to drive you closer to them.
P:Hackins is real.
S:Hackins may well be their puppet.
P: I am leaning toward that explanation myself.
A: I don't buy it. A group that formed spontaneously to prevent harm to others… now wants to murder?
A:*to prevent something they BELIEVED would harm others
O:They have shown themselves willing to manipulate and cheat. They are already talking of sending Todd back.
A: Is our position that no one can be sent back? Even if some of the fictionals allow, even welcome, it? Even if they beg for it?
A:You misunderstand. My question was rhetorical. I was illustrating that this position is foolish.
S: I will forgive your impertinence and assume you are under the influence of inebriation.
A:I beg your pardon?
S:There are four of us. Four. Against many hundreds of shadows. Our only possible allies are our fellow fictionals.
S:One is on the threshold of being sent back. Another had an attempt made on his life.
O:They are whittling away at the weakest of us, saving our Cabal for last, when we will have no options left.
A: You jump to conclusions.
O: One must jump to higher ground to evade a flood.
A:I'd say you're sacrificing the high ground.
S:Angelus, don't be a jackanape.
A:I am going to be starting a dialogue with them. With or without your support.
S:You go too far!
A:And YOU use my SERVER. Curb your tone.
A:I do this for all of us.
A: Whether you understand it or not, I am still on your side. and I am still your friend!
SYSTEM:Angelus has gone offline.
P:I like him less of late.
O:Steinitz, it is time for contingencies.
S:Is it not always?
S:I shall await your private correspondence.

Session MFRBOIRS wrote:A:I have brought a newcomer into our midst. The one I told you about.
F:Hello? Who else is here?
S:Excellent! You may redeem yourself yet, Angelus.
S:You may call me Steinitz. The enemy have uncovered my identity, but old habits die hard.
P:I’m Don Juan. Hi.
P:Sorry, I don’t really see the point...
F:What exactly is going on here? I’m not quite sure I understand..
S:How much have you told him, Angelus?
A:That there are people who can help him. People who understand him.
S: Adam... you by Adam, correct?
F:Yes, that is correct.
S:We are a group of concerned citizens. We crossed over, as you did. From worse lives. Lives where we could not live as we wished.
S:Here, we have found many comforts we could never have possessed where we are from.
S:We hope that you will be interested staying here, with us.
F:Ha, worse lives. I doubt it.
S:What do you mean?
F:How much do you know about me? Really?
S: I know you were created by a man who was monstrous. And I can relate. We were all created by people... “writers”. Bent to their will. Here, we are free. You are free. mean running away.
S:No, I mean...
O:Steinitz, you are being too subtle.
O:Adam, there are many out there who are opposed to our staying. Who are opposed to us by our very nature, who will hear of no compromise. They wish to destroy us.
P:Destroy our lives, anyway.
O:We need to help each other in times like this.
F:Destroy us? But, why? I haven’t done anything wrong. Why would anyone want to destroy me...
O:Because we are different.
A:Adam, the people they’re talking about are a group dedicated to sending us back where we came from.
F:No. I won’t let them. I can’t go back, not after all I’ve accomplished, all I’ve gained.
S:Excellent! You will join us in opposing them, then?
F: I don’t..I don’t know. What would you ask of me?
S:Extreme measures may be necessary.
F:You mean force. Violence.
S: If necessary.
A:I’m not entirely convinced it will be necessary.
S:Angelus, you live with blinders on.
S:These are not reasonable people.
F:Perhaps they are only desperate, trying only to save themselves or the things that matter to them.
S:That is irrelevant!
A:Calm down, Steinitz. Are you going to convince anyone by yelling?
F:That is not irrelevant. I know what it’s like-
A:Adam, we could really use your help.
O:I am starting to doubt his mettle. Would he do what is necessary?
F:And you are not giving me answers. You say these people are dangerous, but you’re the only ones who seem dangerous here.
S:What?! They hit us first! The one in the shadows has been conspiring against us since before we were even organized!
F:Enough of this. I’m leaving. I thank you, Phantom, for your help, but our business is over. Don’t try to contact me again.
A:Wait, Adam.
SYSTEM:Adam has left the chat.
A:Well, my thanks for that.
A:You scared away someone who could have helped.
O: I doubt that.

Session BELROMDR wrote:L:Yar, Hello? Anybody here?
P:I’m here, stranger. What do you need?
L:Yar, I heard a rumor about ye, and then I was invited here. They say you’re doing things here, things to stay in this world. Maybe even the power to bring people back in from the other side. I want in.
P:Really? I remember you being not so interested last time.
L:Yar, things change. Ye have a means of acquiring what I want, me friend Gulliver back on earth. Me followers betrayed me, tricked me they did. And if there’s one thing I never forgive, it’s a turncoat.
P:Now hold on, Melissa loves Treasure Island, and you are a bit of a turncoat yourself.
L:YARRR, SILENCE. A journey can change a man. They took me friend away from me, so I figured I’d toss in with you lot.
P:I understand. I know what it’s like to worry about losing someone.
P:Let me get the others in here. They will want to hear this.
S:I was surprised, I will admit, to hear the news. At first I thought it was some trickery, but Pyramis is convinced that your appeal to us is genuine.
S:If so, welcome.
P:Agreed, welcome, friend!
L:Hah, it’s good to be aboard a crew again. So, eh, first order o’ business is?
S:I hope you understand, we will need to be sure of your loyalty before we press too far forward.
L:Yar, you’ll never find a more loyal pirate than old Long John.
S:We do have an errand which should be suitable.
L:Hit me.
S:You are to go to Russia to get in personal contact with an influential individual there. He has been skeptical of the cabal so far, but you did not tarnish your image in his eyes with letter-writing, and so forth...
L:Russia, yar. I’M OFF!
SYSTEM:Long John Silver has left the chat.
S:We will need to get a more precise location to you, of course, and I am not sure how to approach this yet.
S:Oh, bloody hell.
S:Mr. Silver?
P:Is he coming back?

Session ROLKBOQB wrote:A:I got your email, Steinitz. I have more important things to do than answer your every beck and call.
A:There are many people in need.
S:Your fellow fictionals come first.
L:Yar, I’m back.
S: Where are you? We’ve been trying to reach you for days.
L: I was in Russia, duh. It was cold and wet, and I couldn’t find the player ye talked about. Russia be a lot bigger than I anticipated.
S:Oh my! Surely you jest!
S:You should have waited. We were making a plan.
L:Yar, well, I think we all made mistakes here. Still, I went to Russia, that counts for something, yar?
S:You proved your loyalty.
S:If not your foresight.
P:Come, Steinitz, no need to insult the fellow.
P:Again, friend, glad to have you with us.
L:Excellent, WE CELEBRATE!
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Re: New Cabal Chats

Postby BlackWolfe on Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:20 pm

Tohrinha wrote:I'll take care of this again. :) They'll be up momentarily.

Beat ya to it. :P
But soft! What rock through yonder window breaks? It is a brick! And Juliet is out cold!
Man, I'm really glad R&J got refic'd before I added this signature.
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Re: New Cabal Chats

Postby Tohrinha on Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:28 pm

BlackWolfe wrote:
Tohrinha wrote:I'll take care of this again. :) They'll be up momentarily.

Beat ya to it. :P

Well done. ;)
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