What We Know: The Cat

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What We Know: The Cat

Postby Adell on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:10 am

This thread will be a sticky'd, locked thread made purely to have quick access to facts and some hypothesis about the Chesire Cat. Seeing, however, as you are currently ON this site, Chesire, if you disagree with any facts we place in this thread, do not hesitate to correct us. :D

And seeing as the Cat is kind of...enigmatic, don't expect too much in this thread to start.

(Please PM me or JackAlsworth, if I missed anything you think should be added. This is meant to be a quick reference sheet for people who are losing track of things.)

Chesire Cat:

  • Was first discovered through decoding a hidden message in this video
  • The message lead to a twitter account, found Here, and was first started around September 10.
  • He has confirmed, or at least insinuated that this shard of the comic has him in the picture.
  • He is a big fan of riddles and rhyming, though this is not surprising.
  • Has accepted our invitation to these forums, and like his twitter is under the name averymadcat.
  • He has not addressed why he had decided to come into our world, though he seems quite comfortable here.
  • A recent riddle gave us Latitude and longitude to Neptune Statue in Virigina beach. We currently await a Metaguard to check the area out for whatever clue may be there.

History of Chesire Cat:
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