What We Know: Poirot

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What We Know: Poirot

Postby Adell on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:47 am

Hercule Poirot:

Like the cat, this thread will be used to have quick access to facts and information about Hercule Poirot.

(Please PM me or JackAlsworth, if I missed anything you think should be added. This is meant to be a quick reference sheet for people who are losing track of things.)

  • Was discovered using the answers from solved riddles that the Chesire Cat gave us. The answers lead to this blog.
  • Was living with James Raikes aunt, Claire Widdecombe as discovered Here. The original account was owned by James, and unknowingly to him Poirot had taken it over (having no clue how the internet might work.) James eventually set him up with his own account.
  • He uses a pseudonym Reynald, and apparently is short and has an unusual mustache.
  • He had originally despised being refereed to as Poirot, and has lashed out at players when they had done so. Recent developments have caused him to admit his true identity.
  • At first used the blog to discuss politics, but also uses it to preform detective work
  • His first case involved the sudden death of a cat that Claire owned. Surprisingly, it lead to the discovery of a man making Crack Cocaine In their basement. The man was revealed to be named Jack Mason, who disguised himself as a valet for Claire's residence.
  • Conveniently received an invitation to Pieter Verhaeren, a man he had spoke at lengths about due to despising for his politics.
  • While at the lecture, he met Arthur Moore, who happened to be sitting right next to him. The man offered him a new investigation into finding the whereabouts of Leslie Okogwu
  • Poirot openly verbally attacked Verhaeren before he left the lecture.
  • He eventually got a call from Verhaeren (though was confused as to how the man got his number) to meet and discuss his politics. Upon arriving at the meeting place however, Verhaeren was no where to be found. It was later discovered that he had been killed.
  • Leslie Okogwu was eventually found dead, and Arthur Moore suspected to Poirot that Hefner was most likely the killer
  • Poirot is now on the run, as the police have come to arrest him for his possible involvement with Verhaeren's murder.
  • He is angry and distrustful towards Holmes for trying to break into his 'decoy' apartment. He then fled to France to avoid Holmes and the police.
  • Having arrived in france, a benefactor (who wished to remain nameless) gave him a job to solve the murder of Comte Pierre de Cavaignac, a french aristocrat during a cocktail party. Poirot has used his deduction skills to narrow the suspects to about three, his investigation is on going.
  • After much discussion with the Metaguards, he had agreed, under strict circumstances, to meet with Sherlock Holmes
  • The initial meeting however went poorly due to Poirot's attitude, but shortly after he realized his mistake.
  • Leaving for New York, he accepted another case involving a potential bomb threat at the New York Plaza for a Gay Pride party, to which Poirot was invited to.
  • After preventing the bomb threat, he sets up a 'invitation' puzzle to Sherlock Holmes to come to the party for the two to reconcile.
  • The two meet, this time under better circumstances and agree that someone is trying to actively frame them. They decide to work together. However, upon agreeing to investigate a case in boston, Holmes was forced to wait behind by his benefactor.
  • Poirot arrived in Boston, and Began his investigation of Sweeney Todd, having been hired by Joan.

  • We believe Arther Moore to be the true killer of Verhaeren, or to have at least orchestrated his murder. He may have set up Poirot's meeting with the politician so that Poirot would unknowingly take the fall for the murder, as he has the most clear motive thanks to his blog. He seems to also point Hefner to being the killer of Leslie, perhaps intentionally posing the two against each other.

History of Poirot:

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